List of 5 Visualizations for Finding True Love (and How to Get the Results You Want!)

Law of Attaction for LoveIf you want to find (and keep) your soul mate, it’s all about using mind-power tools to help you manifest what you want. When it comes to tools, visualizations are some of the best ways to attract love into your life—for good.

Use the following visualizations and tips to build a long-term relationship of passion and unconditional love!

Why Visualizations Work

Using visualizations is a positive way to train your mind to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with a joyful and prosperous train of thought.
• The premise of visualizations is that thoughts are as real and powerful as anything else, so when you imagine and feel positive things happening to you (in your work, relationships, health, and goals) in your mind, you can train yourself to believe in those thoughts.
• When you believe in the things you want to have, the Universe attracts them to you!

Visualization #1 – The Sensation of Love

• Close your eyes and breathe in and out ten times. Focus on your breath, and as thoughts come into your mind, accept them and let them go. (You can even tell them “Thanks, but no thanks!”)
• Imagine what love feels like—not what you know it to feel like, but in your ideal mind, what it really feels like. Is it true love, two souls finally coming together? Is it bliss, joy and wonderment? Does it feel like things just align perfectly, and everything is in harmony?
• Focus as long as you can on those feelings love gives you. Hold them in your mind for up to a minute.

Visualization #2 – The Ball of Light

• Close your eyes, and breathe in and out deeply.
• Focus on the image of you standing tall, confident and proud of your many accomplishments.
• Imagine a white light surrounding you. The light glitters, sparkles and moves slowly, encompassing you with joy, safety and bliss.
• Focus on the sensation that love is around you, and flows from within you.

Visualization #3 – The Places You’ll Go!Manifest love and romance

• Repeat this affirmation as many times a day as possible—“I am open and receptive to meeting the right One for me. Until I meet him/her, I am working on being the best One for him/her I can possibly be.”
• Close your eyes, and focus on the many places you’ll go with your future love. If you want to travel to Paris, imagine what it will feel like to snap pictures together outside the Louvre, or touch the Eiffel Tower.
• The more details you can envision, the harder you’re working to establish a new reality for yourself—of a daring, exciting love life that’s to come!

Visualization #4 – The House You’ll Live In

• Your house becomes a home with the right person—how will it look?
• Be specific about the details—imagine the wood, the cabinets, the color of the walls, even the layout of the living room, bedroom and kitchen.
• Imagine moving from room to room and experiencing total comfort and happiness living there. Hold onto that feeling as long as you can—at least one minute for effectiveness.

Visualization #5 – The Family You’ll Have

• Your family is what you make it—start with a conscious mindset about what you want and you’ll manifest it.
• Close your eyes, and imagine your future family.
• Is your home busy with lots of people, or small and quiet?
• Are there pets, or do only people live in your home? What does the dinner conversation look like?
• Create as many details in your mind about your future family as you can, so that it can become a reality in your life.

A Few Last Words …

These visualizations can be done daily, weekly or monthly. How bad do you want love in your life?

The more you do them, the more the Universe will respond to your messages and send you just what you’ve asked for!

Until it does, enjoy every moment of imagining what your reality will become—it’s worth every second.

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