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Finding your soulmate through manifestation

What Does It Mean to You to Find Your Soulmate?

So many people want soulmates, but how often do they realize what exactly it is they want out of a soulmate? Finding a soulmate means something different to everyone. For some people, it means something as simple as finding someone that they can connect with in a way that makes them feel at ease without […]

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How to manifest love

How to Easily Build Meaningful Connections with Someone Special

Brian Miller is a magician and though this Tedx video shares how to connect with people to develop greater relationships and meaningful connections with people in your life. The technique he shares is called Perspective Taking, where he takes on the perspective of the audience (or other person). Perspective Taking is the ability to see […]

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how to manifest love

List of 5 Visualizations for Finding True Love (and How to Get the Results You Want!)

If you want to find (and keep) your soul mate, it’s all about using mind-power tools to help you manifest what you want. When it comes to tools, visualizations are some of the best ways to attract love into your life—for good. Use the following visualizations and tips to build a long-term relationship of passion […]

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