7 Steps to Manifest Anything

7 Steps to Manifest Anything. Wealth, love, health and happiness

Manifesting whatever you want is possible, but you need to understand that dreaming and manifesting and two different things.

Here are 7 simple, yet effective steps to take to attract what you want into your life.  It could be romance, lasting love, financial prosperity, better health, better job, even material goods (such as a car or house).

You will need to do all of the steps as each step is important in the process.

#1 – Be Very Clear On What You Want

Write down everything that you want (a mate, business partner, car, house, money in the bank) ….whatever you want.

BUT… you need to be very specific on what you want.  The more detailed your description, the better the universe understands what you truly want.

I have two teen-age sons who are gamers and play the online game called League of Legends.  Surprisingly, there are many things a player can want with respect to League of Legends (LOL).

One of those wants were tickets to the Summer North American Finals in Toronto.  Sounds crazy, but the fans filled the ACC (where the Toronto Raptors play).  The stadium was packed – just like going to see a Raptors game or a Canadian hockey game.  The event was sold out!  In fact, it sold out 10 minutes after the tickets went on sale, which is something you would expect from an Adele concert.

The boys were very specific on their ask:

They wanted four tickets (for themselves and for their two best mates), but not just any four tickets.  They wanted front row seats for the quarter finals AND front row seats for the finals.  In addition, they wanted to meet a member of their favorite team CLG -(Counter Logic Gaming), which they did – they met the owner of the team!

Check out the proper way to be clear about what you want => Watch this video

#2 –  Ask the Universe

There are different says in which you can ask the universe for what you want.  You can make a list, you can write a letter to the universe, you can visualize what you want, or you can meditate.

I always start with writing a list and then once every day, I visualize each item on my list.  Learn how to ask!

#3 – Take Action

The universe can’t carry the whole burden of your desires, you need to be involved as well otherwise you are dreaming instead of manifesting.

For example, if you want a Mercedes C-class car, then research the pricing, the features you want in the car, check the online sales, auto trade sites, and demo sales.  Calculate maximum amount  you are willing to pay, etc.

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#4 – Have Trust in the Process

You need to trust the process.  When you begin to have doubts, you will need to stop and tell yourself that the process is taking longer than you wanted, but it is moving forward.   Take a deep breath and accept that the process is working for you even though you can’t see it at this time.

#5 – Show Gratitude

The universe will give you signs that it is working on your behalf.  You need to acknowledge that and be grateful.  It could be something like an inspirational quote, a positive comment that someone made to you or a small step in your direction.

#6 – Increase Your Vibration

Vibration is your signal to the universe and you want your vibration to be positive, happy and thankful. The universe will respond with positive results back to you.

If you are negative or rude, you will get the same back from the universe.

# 7 – Remove all Resistance

Having doubts or frustration is normal, but you need to move out of that negativity as quickly as possible.  You can acknowledge your doubt, but then tell yourself  to relax and trust in the universe.

If you really want to learn how to manifest anything in your life, you should really watch this video on manifestation.