5 Ways to Ask for Better Health

Manifesting better health

Leveraging visualization is a very powerful way to get better health and to help your body heal and it is much easier to do than people think.

By learning to control your imagination, by expanding it and using it, you can receive better health and be in a better state of mind to heal your body.

Researchers have discovered that physical thoughts affect our health on a daily basis. Many ancient civilizations used mind-body techniques to harness the power of the imagination. Guided imagery is actually used in more than 3,000 hospitals nationwide, and it is a growing trend.

Guided imagery can help people feel better, manage pain, as well as to assist with coping of the side effects of medication and even help someone overcome debilitating diseases.

See you body healthy and ask for a healthy body.

Self-Healing Visualizations

There are many techniques one can use to heal the mind and body. One way is to imagine your body self-healing:

• You can begin with a simple progressive relaxation method, where you tighten and release each muscle of the body starting at the feet and working your way upward.
• Once this relaxed state is achieved, you can picture your pain or disease as dark spots in your body and visualize them being washed away by a peaceful, calming light.
• Imagine a blue or soft green light coming down through your body, swirling and touching the edges of the dark problem areas, removing toxins, waste and even unhealthy cells from your body.

Deep-Breathing Visualization

• The breath can be very healing.
• Simply take two-three very deep breaths.
• Imagine the breath moving through your body, gathering up damaged cells.
• As you inhale, imagine your breath is cleaning your body.
• As you exhale, imagine the breath is carrying away toxins and disease.
• You can even imagine your exhaled breath as a dark gray color and your inhaled breath as a beautiful white color.
• Repeat until you feel your breath has cleansed your body.

Beach Visualization

• Take yourself to a very relaxing place and allow your body to let go and release strain and tension.
• See yourself on a beautiful beach, walking along in the warm, white sand.
• Feel the sea air and the warm sun.
• Imagine the light of the sun is healing your body.
• See the sun’s powerful rays moving through your body, purging your body of any illness or disease.

Pain Visualization

• Take yourself to that same relaxing place and use your imagination to dial down your pain.
• Imagine you have access to a large volume knob and see yourself dialing down your pain. If your pain is a 10, see yourself lowering your pain to a more manageable number, like a two or a three.
• You can also imagine your pain is being locked away in a steel box.
• See yourself gathering up your pain and locking it away and burying it.
• You could also send your pain up into a hot air balloon and watch it drift away.

Cancer Visualization

• Imagine your cancer is like an army of invaders in your body.
• See yourself sending an army of soldiers into your body like angry Pac men.
• You could visualize these Pac men gobbling away your cancer and restoring you to perfect health.


The mind is a very powerful tool, ask and visualize for a healthy body.

Simply take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and use your imagination however you like. There is no limit to what you might be able to overcome.  See it and ask for it.

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