3 Powerful Manifestation Ted Talks You Should Watch

Here are three great Ted Talks on manifesting your dreams.  Dream big, dream often and go for it!

Manifest the Dream:  Justin Acheta

Andrew talks about you dreams – what you want to be and who you want to become.

You can do nothing and therefore your dream stays a dream, or you can take action to make your dream a reality.

Everything starts with being a dream – unreal, and then it starts to take form.

Divine Manifestation of Dreams: Steve Borgia

Steve believes that ideas are life.

Having a desire is not a negative or selfish thing and it is important to have desires and dreams.    Desire then becomes a vision and once you have a vision then you must, must do it.  Not doing it is not a option.

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From Bucket List to Experience:  How to Manifest Your Dreams: Mikki Williams

Mikki believes you should write a list of things you want to experience so that you can live your life to the fullest.


If you really want to learn how to manifest anything in your life, you should really watch this video on manifestation.